iPhone 15: Release Date & Feature Rumours

08 July 2023

Rebecca Stokes


Apple has released a new iPhone model every year without fail for the last 16 years, and 2023 will be no different. But when will the release date be, and what can we expect?

When will the iPhone 15 be released?

The iPhone 15 range was announced at the Apple event on 12th September 2023 and will be in stores from Friday 22nd September.

iPhone 15 Price Predictions

Again, there isn’t any official announcement about the iPhone 15 regarding the price point. However, looking at some comparisons of previous model prices, we can predict a range of prices for the different models in the range and what to expect (prices below are possible ranges for all storage sizes of the models).
iPhone 15: £800 - £1200
iPhone 15 Plus: £900 - £1300
iPhone 15 Pro: £1000 - £1700
iPhone 15 Pro Max (or possibly ‘Ultra’): £1200 – £1800

Now, we don’t know whether Apple will release an iPhone 15 Mini as they did for the iPhone 12 and 13 ranges, as they didn’t for the iPhone 14. However, if they were to release a Mini model in the iPhone 15 range, we can presume it will be around the same price range as previous models: around £500 - £700. Although we estimated these price ranges due to the £150 price increase between the iPhone 13 and 14, we cannot guarantee that the prices won’t rise further due to various economic factors worldwide.
Another thing worth mentioning is that Apple analysts, Ming-Chi Kuo and Mark Gurman, have both suggested that the iPhone 15 Pro Max may be renamed to the iPhone 15 Ultra. This is to match the Apple Watch Ultra name and give the phone more of a premium feel.


The storage sizes will likely remain the same as they have for a few years now, with all phones having a storage size of either 128GB, 256GB or 512GB, and the premium versions of the devices having the extra option of 1TB. Currently, there are no devices on the market that have a storage size of more than 1TB, so we don’t believe that Apple will increase the storage of the devices compared to previous models.
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Display Screen Sizes

It is no secret that Apple has been gradually increasing the size of their iPhone display screens since the original iPhone's release in 2007. The first model measured around 3.4 inches diagonally, whereas the newest model, the iPhone 14, measures 6.1 inches, with the addition of the new Pro Max models measuring 6.7 inches. The iPhone 14 has only increased by 0.4 inches (approximately) from the previous model, the iPhone 13. Looking at this small increase in screen size, we believe that there won’t be a significant increase in the new model's screen size, if any. However, as Apple still sometimes increase the device sizes slightly, we don’t want to rule out the possibility.
There have also been a couple of design leaks for the iPhone 15 that suggest it could bring back the previous iPhone 11 Pro Max's curved edges, where recently the devices have had a more flat-edged, sharp-cornered design. This could also mean that the back camera of the device will be larger and more prominent than in previous years.

Features and Specifications

Beyond the usual improvements to the processor and the camera, one feature that we are pretty much guaranteed to see on the new iPhone (in some regions at least) will be a USB-C port. Apple's marketing manager, Greg Joswiak, told the Wall Street Journal Tech Live event that Apple had to implement the USB-C port to comply with the EU’s wishes. Although he didn't confirm whether this will be in the iPhone 15, we feel that Apple will likely fall in line soon, as all other major mobile phone tech companies are now updating their charging ports. Apple needs to meet the EU's new regulations around electronic waste that will come into effect in December 2024.

So we will either see the iPhone 15 or 16 be the first iPhone with a USB-C port in the EU. It’s not clear whether the UK will also see devices with different charging ports, but again, it’s probable. Apple already has products that have this port, so we assume it won't be too difficult for them to follow suit with their iPhones. 

There have been rumors that Apple was looking to bring back the return of Touch ID to the iPhone range. However, Apple has announced they have no plans to bring back fingerprint scanning to their iPhones for the foreseeable future as users generally prefer the Face ID unlocking mechanism.
The biggest feature that is currently being discussed is the upgraded volume buttons. Instead of having two separate volume buttons, the iPhone 15 could have a single button similar to some Android smartphones. In addition to this, the mute switch will no longer exist and could be replaced by a touch-sensitive button, using the same technology as the iPhone SE's home button. This could be a little jarring for long-term iPhone users, as all the devices have had the same volume-changing mechanism since the first iPhone's release in 2007.

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