How to Claim

How to Claim on Gadget Insurance

Tell us about any claim as soon as possible from the discovery of the loss, theft, breakdown or damage.

If your gadget is lost or stolen:

As soon as possible so they can block your device and SIM card as soon as possible – we also may ask for evidence of this to support any claim for the loss or theft of your gadget. We only pay for unauthorised network charges from the point your gadget is lost or stolen up to 24 hours after you discover the loss or theft – if you don’t tell your airtime provider within 24 hours you will be responsible for any further charges.

Tell the police about any lost or stolen gadget as soon as you can – we will ask you to provide the police reference number before we will pay any claim for loss and theft.

Report the loss or theft of your gadget to the place you think it was lost or stolen from, or is most likely to be handed back to – we may ask you to provide the details of where your gadget was lost or stolen from and actions you have taken to try to recover it.
1. Log your Gadget Claim

Online by visiting My Policy >

Call us on 0330 333 4792 >

Monday – Friday, 8am – 8pm,

Saturday - Sunday, 9am - 6pm

Writing to us at Protect Your Bubble, PO Box 1033, Uxbridge, UB8 9PX

2. Claim's Process

You will be advised online or on the phone what information and documents you will need to provide for us to assess your claim, like your proof of ownership or police reference number.

Pay your excess and sit tight while we either repair your gadget or send you a replacement. Your excess will need to be paid before we can settle your claim.

How to Claim on Renters Insurance
Renters Insurance claims are handled by different administrators depending on what you are claiming for

For claims under the following sections:

Section 1 | Contents

Section 2 | Personal Possessions

Section 3 | Pedal Cycle

Call: 0343 2277 275


In writing: Kingsway House, Burnley, BB11 1BJ


For liability claims under the following sections:

Section 1 D Occupiers’ and Personal Liability

Call: 0845 207 7453


In Writing: Kennedys Claims Handling, 6 Queen Street, Leeds, LS1 2TW

For details on sections please view the Contents Insurance T&C's

In the event of a Liability claim, please contact the claims administrator Sedgwick within 30 days from the date of the event you are looking to claim for, giving as much information as you can about what has happened:


Tel: 0345 600 7406

In writing: Sedgwick International UK, Oakleigh House, 14-16 Park Place, Cardiff, CF10 3DQ


If you need to make a Legal Expenses claim, please contact the claims administrator Lexelle

Tel: 0114 249 3300


In writing: Lexelle Limited,  PO Box 4428,  Sheffield,  S9 9DD