Samsung Galaxy S22: Everything you Need to Know

25 February 2022

Robert Duke

Galaxy S22 on purple background

Does the new Samsung Galaxy handset live up to expectations? Find out more below...

When will the Galaxy S22 be released?

The Galaxy S22 range was revealed at the Samsung Unpacked Event in early February. All models are now available for pre-order.

There are three versions of the new handset. The Galaxy S22 Ultra will be available in stores on the 25th of February, with the standard version and the Plus coming later, on the 11th of March. Here are the starting prices and sizes:

- Samsung Galaxy S22 (from £769), 6.1 inches

- Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus (from £949), 6.6 inches

- Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra (from £1,149), 6.8 inches

What do they look like?

While the Ultra is roughly the same size as the equivalent S21; the standard S22 and the Plus have been reduced in size slightly from last year. Good for people who don’t like massive phones!

There’s a wider range of colours this year too. With the first two models, that includes Black, White, Pink Gold, and Green – with extra options available direct from (including Graphite, Cream, Sky Blue, and Violet). 

For the Galaxy S22 Ultra, you can get Burgundy, Phantom Black, Phantom White, and Green from all online retailers, and Graphite, Sky blue, and Red exclusively from Samsung online.


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What features do they have?

The entry-level S22 looks very similar to the equivalent S21, as does the Plus, but the Ultra is a different kettle of fish. After Samsung opted against releasing a Note phone last year, they’ve effectively combined the best bits of the Galaxy and Note series for the top-of-the-range Galaxy handset, including the coveted stylus pen, housed on the bottom. Result! 

In Europe, all versions of the Galaxy S22 are powered by Samsung’s Exynos 2200 chipset, which should be able to compete with anything when it comes to raw processing power. 

The camera arrays on all versions of the S22 haven’t actually changed much. On the S22 and the Plus, the main cameras got an upgrade, and the telephoto lens a minor downgrade. The Ultra has an almost identical camera setup to the equivalent S21, but with a slightly improved low-light lens.  

As with last year, each version has a low-profile single central punch-hole for the front-facing camera, which doesn’t intrude on your display too much, even when watching videos.

The high-quality AMOLED displays are the brightest screens we’ve ever seen on a Samsung Galaxy S phone – and all versions have a maximum refresh rate of 120Hz, so you’ll enjoy smooth, consistent scrolling regardless of which one you go for. 

When it comes to storage, the standard S22 and Plus are available with 128GB or 256GB capacity, but the Ultra is also available with 512GB and 1TB, so if you’re looking to store a ton of media, you’ll need to go for the more expensive handset. Unfortunately, unlike the Galaxy S21 range, the S22 doesn’t come with a microSD card slot, so you can’t expand your storage beyond the base capacity.

Also, the batteries are a bit smaller due to the decreased size of the devices, and the processing power is greater with the S22, so a full charge won’t last as long as the equivalent S21s. 

Is it worth an upgrade?

Samsung Galaxy handsets have always been among the best performing and most user-friendly phones on the market, and the S22 is no different.

If you haven’t upgraded your handset in a while and you’re looking for something cutting edge, the S22 would be a great option – but as always, it might be worth considering the previous generation if you’re looking to save a little cash. The S21 might be more appealing to people who like bigger handsets, the flexibility of expandable storage, and better battery life.

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