Samsung Galaxy S24: Release Date & Feature Rumours

05 September 2023

Amy Carding


It might only feel like 5 minutes ago that Samsung released their latest flagship phone, the Galaxy S23 (actually, it was back in February) but now we’ve gotten to grips with the various features and upgrades it’s fun to speculate on what Samsung might have up their sleeves for their next release.

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When will the Galaxy S24 be released?

Unsurprisingly, there hasn’t been an official announcement yet (we’ve only been able to get our hands on the S23 since February after all!) but there are some predictions we can make based on previous releases. We can likely expect to see the Samsung Galaxy S24 announced at the next ‘Galaxy Unpacked’ event. 

The last Galaxy Unpacked Event on July 26th was mainly focused on foldables, with updates on the next Fold and Flip devices as well as a new Galaxy Watch 6 and Tab S9 coming in the second half of 2023. This leaves the path clear for the S24 range to be announced early next year with a likely release in late Feb or early March.

In each of the last few years, Samsung has released three versions, sometimes all at the same time and other times with a slight delay to the Ultra version. If they follow the same pattern with the S24 we can expect to see a standard model, a plus and an Ultra. If we are to see a surprise, sources have suggested that Samsung may be looking to scale down and remove the Plus model from the line-up as it is traditionally the weaker seller of the three. Would you be sad to see the plus version go?

On the other hand, Samsung may look to expand the S24 lineup with another Fan Edition model, widely believed to have been discontinued after the S21 FE release in January 2022. Samsung has surprisingly announced its return with the Samsung Galaxy S23 FE slated for release in selected markets in the autumn. It’ll be worth watching to see how well it sells, as that could indicate whether we’ll get an S24 FE, but even if we do, they’ll probably announce it later than the other versions.


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How much will they cost?

As always this will depend on the model and capacity you go for. In the UK there was an increase in prices for the S23 range (£100 more on each base model when compared to the S21 and S22 ranges). If a similar increase occurs next year, you could end up paying from £849 for the S24, from £1049 for the S24+ and from £1249 for the S24 Ultra. The highest-priced version will still be the S24 Ultra 1TB at £1599. Fingers crossed Samsung will stick with these prices for the S24 range.

As mentioned before Samsung tend to offer a range of storage capacities on their phones. With the S22 Ultra, they decided to increase the basic capacity from 128GB to 256GB and increase the top level to 1TB. It would be nice to see them follow suit with the S24 range and offer 256GB as the basic and 512GB as the premium option. This would mean you’ll have more space to store all those beautiful high-resolution images you can take with the top-of-the-range camera.

What will the handsets look like?

Chances are that Samsung isn’t planning to deviate too much from the existing template. With the last few generations, the standard and Plus models have had straight edges and curved corners while the Ultra has adopted a look more akin to the now-discontinued Note with sharper corners and curved sides and this has been popular with Samsung fans. If they aren’t planning on changing the design much there may be room for new colour options to differentiate from the earlier models. 

What new features should we expect?

Samsung love to show off the quality of photos you can take on their devices so we can expect some upgrades with the next generation. Rumours suggest that they may opt to replace the standalone 3X telephoto lens with a single 3-10x variable telephoto lens instead. This would surpass the maximum zoom levels previously offered, improving the quality of images taken from far away: perfect for sports events or concerts! (Just in time for Taylor Swift’s UK tour).

Add to this the fact that Samsung has filed for a trademark for an ‘ISOCELL Zoom’ in the UK and this suggests we might see a real upgrade on the camera for the next release. We’ll also probably see the return of a notch for the selfie camera as the reviews of the under-display versions haven’t been kind so far, with the quality just not quite hitting the mark.

It doesn’t just stop with camera improvements though. There is a whole catalogue of changes Samsung could make for the next iteration of Galaxy phones. The display hasn’t really changed for a couple of generations, so it would make sense if we saw an upgrade on the S24 series, especially as the best OLED screens Samsung produce have been used on the latest iPhones and not on their own devices. Maybe they have something special up their sleeves?

Additionally, the under-screen fingerprint sensor has come on leaps and bounds and there have been some suggestions that it could cover the entire screen surface: no more finding the right bit to place your thumb or finger, just press anywhere and away you go. This could be great for accessibility, allowing people to keep a firm grip on their devices when unlocking. 

We may see a small improvement in battery capacity but there haven’t been any major revelations on this for a while, despite intensive research. There is a chance we might see a minor increase in capacity but it’s unlikely to be vastly different from the model before.

The S23 range featured the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen2 Processor and 8GB RAM and it’s likely that Samsung and Qualcomm will continue this exclusive partnership for the S24’s as well.

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