What if: A Super-Hero Fried Your Phone?

16 October 2023

Amy Carding

Marvel and DC have been making blockbuster movies for decades now and their comic book source material has been available even longer than that. They have delighted generations of fans with tales of extraordinary bravery, epic battles and good vs evil, - but have you ever wondered how your insurance might be affected if superheroes were real? No? Just me then?

Much like the recent Disney+ Marvel series, What if? let’s consider some hypothetical scenarios!

What if a Superhero Conjures Extreme Weather, Damaging Your Phone?

Imagine the scene, you’re sitting in a café working on your laptop with your mobile phone on the table next to you. Suddenly, you hear screams and people start running past your table looking scared. Before you’ve even managed to work out what is happening, the God of Thunder shows up- conjuring lightning from his fingertips, and your tech has been fried by the power surge. Darn! The good news is that whatever villainous threat you were in the vicinity of has been vanquished, but what about your poor gadgets? 

In this scenario, if your policy covered you for accidental damage, it would be likely that this incident would be covered, and you would be able to either get your items repaired or replaced, however, in cases where the superhero is also a God it would be worth double checking that ‘Acts of God’ are not one of the exclusions on your policy. Belt and braces, and all that! 

What if a Superhero Launches Your Device Into an Alternate Universe With No Way To Retrieve It?

Marvel and DC have both made forays into the multi-verses in recent movies with the characters moving from one dimension to another both intentionally and accidentally. You could be walking down the street on your morning commute, phone in hand, when a swirling portal opens behind you and your phone is pulled from your hand. Maybe you follow it through (not recommended) or maybe you manage to grab hold of something before it closes?

This situation is a bit more complicated, if your phone is simply sucked into a surprise wormhole or even sent there on purpose by a superhero or villain then it would probably be covered by loss/theft coverage if you have it. Unfortunately, if you did end up following your device into an alternate dimension then you would probably only be able to claim for loss, theft or damage upon your return to your ‘home’ dimension due to the complications involved with settling a cross-dimensional claim.

 If you find yourself in the unfortunate position of being unable to return to your original dimension, you are unlikely to be able to access your cover and would need to seek a new arrangement at least until technology develops sufficiently for a multi-versal product to reach the market. Frustrating! 

What if you end up on another planet/galaxy far, far away?

Much like the above scenario, there’s also a chance you could end up on another planet or even in another galaxy- especially if you find yourself being the friend or relative of a super-powered person. Many of the most villainous threats come from other planets and space travel is therefore a definite risk. How would a trip to another galaxy affect your cover?

Some insurance policies provide world-wide cover but, in a futuristic world where space travel is common-place, we might expect this to be extended to galaxy or even universe-wide cover, possibly for an additional fee for those that needed it? Of course, you may not get the speedy service on your claim that you would expect on Earth and might have to wait to get that lost phone replaced or for you repaired device to be returned while the postal service traverses the galaxy. Not ideal! 

What if you lose your phone while being ‘rescued’ by a super-hero?

We’ve all seen those scenes where the superhero rescues the civilian and swings, flies or otherwise carries them out of danger but what would happen if your phone were to fall from your pocket or bag while you were being rescued? 

If you have loss cover as part of your insurance, you should be okay with this one. Chances are that when you put your phone in your pocket you were only planning to walk, or maybe jog and your device would have been perfectly safe- you were almost certainly not expecting to be picked up and flown through the air or swung and flipped through the streets of your city.

What insurance options might there be for Superheroes and their gadgets?

Magical hammers, web shooters, a lasso of truth, utility belts, the list of superhero gadgets is almost endless. Of course, the fact they would be used to protect our planet from forces of evil means there is a high likelihood that the tech would become damaged, lost, or stolen. Most insurance companies also specify that the owners take reasonable care with their items and it’s doubtful that you can argue that you were being careful when using your gadgets to fight the latest super-villain to cross your path. Maybe that’s why so many super-heroes are also super-rich? (looking at you Bruce Wayne and Tony Stark); they can afford to replace their fancy gadgets when something happens to them.


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