Cracked Screen? Try These Tips

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Protect Your Bubble does not guarantee any steps detailed below will fix your device(s). Any steps followed are done so at your own risk, Protect Your Bubble is not liable for any damages arising from any action or decision taken from reading this content. Damage or breakdown occurring before the policy start date is not covered.

In the age of smartphones, a cracked screen can be a common occurrence, circumstances were likely up to chance and purely accidental. Understanding the options for how best to repair damaged phone screens will lead to lower health risks and time away from the screen.

In this article, we’ll discuss what to do if a phone screen is cracked, the potential long-term consequences of a cracked screen and whether phone insurance covers cracked screens.
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What To Do If I’ve Cracked My Phone? 

When a phone screen is cracked it’s important to get it repaired straight away. There are three options when it comes to repairing a phone. The first is to take it to a phone repair specialist to replace the screen, the second is to have an insurance policy already in place which may repair or replace the device depending on the policy terms and conditions and the third is to attempt to repair the screen yourself. (BTW not recommended!)
With Protect Your Bubble mobile phone insurance, a cracked screen is covered where it affects the functionality of the device. Cosmetic damage such as surface scratches and dents are not covered.
Whatever option you decide on will depend on your budget but be warned. Unlike getting a specialist to look at the phone or claiming on your insurance, repairing a phone yourself may void its warranty or result in further damage caused by yourself, which would not be covered by insurance or warranty. 

Is It Dangerous to Continue to Use a Cracked Screen?

A cracked phone screen must be repaired quickly, as it can cause potential damage to a user’s health and well-being if left broken for a long period, and some of these risks aren’t as obvious as one would expect.
Risk of Cuts: One of the main ways a broken smartphone can injure its user is when the broken shards of glass cut the ends of fingers. It’s best to get that screen fixed!
Unresponsive Touch Screen: While the health risks associated with this may not be obvious at first, it’s important to consider the utility of a phone as a lifeline for calling emergency services in the case of criminal incidents, fires, or injuries. If a smartphone screen is unresponsive, your ability to receive timely assistance is significantly reduced.
Eye Strain: A distorted screen can hurt the eyes of a user as they struggle to focus. Over a long-term period, this can cause intense headaches and eye strain.

Will My Cracked Screen Get Worse If Untreated?

If a phone screen is cracked, the glass can further fracture from the application of pressure. This can cause shards of broken glass to form, limiting the protection a glass screen can provide the phone’s internal wiring while increasing the likelihood of injury on the part of the user.
Does Phone Insurance Cover a Cracked Screen?
Sometimes having an insurance policy in place may be the best option to choose. However, not all companies will offer cover for cracked phone screens and it’s important to do your due research before purchasing insurance from a provider. Read the full terms and conditions of any insurance policy before you buy to make sure it suits your needs and wants. 
Fortunately, here at Protect Your Bubble, with our Mobile Phone Insurance, we do cover your device in the event of a cracked phone screen. This excludes cosmetic damage like scratches and dents which doesn't affect the functionality of your device.
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How To Fix a Cracked Screen?

The recommended ways to fix a cracked screen would be to avoid attempting to fix it yourself and to contact a professional or to have an insurance policy in place.
However, if budget is a concern, or these options do not suit your needs, then maybe attempting to fix a cracked screen at home is an option.

How To Fix a Cracked Screen at Home?

Fixing a cracked screen at home is a relatively simple process for a professional but requires patience and a steady hand. It involves replacing the screen entirely and carries safety concerns as well. Be warned that attempting to replace the phone screen yourself will potentially void the phone warranty or insurance policy.
Replacing a Cracked Screen
We don’t recommend attempting to replace the screen yourself but here are some resources and guides on how to fix a cracked screen.

How Do You Fix a Cracked Screen Without Replacing It?

If you need a temporary fix until you can get it to a professional, you could try these options.
Fixing a Cracked Screen with Packing Tape
Again, not recommended but if the objective of this fix isn’t to be permanent, it’s to keep the phone screen from shattering further until the screen can be replaced. 
Simply cover the area of the crack with a thick layer of packing tape and make sure the edges are flush. This could stop the phone screen from degrading further for a short while until you get it to a professional.
Can You Put a Screen Protector on a Cracked Screen?
Adding a phone protector to the screen of a cracked phone will only stop shards of glass from breaking away from the phone and becoming lost. A cracked phone will still need to be repaired even if a screen protector is still applied, and if any shards of the phone screen are already missing, a screen protector won’t work as it needs to be flush against a glass surface to hold.
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Can I Recycle My Phone with a Cracked Screen?

Sometimes the best option for a cracked phone is to get a new one. But what should we do with any old phones which still have cracked screens? You could look to sell your device; some companies accept mobile phones with cracked screens depending on the extent of the damage. Assurant Trade In offers cash for devices, simply fill in the online form disclosing the damage and true condition of the phone to get an instant valuation and offer. Some phones are too damaged to be sold, but they could still be recycled for free by any reputable phone recycling company, such as Music Magpie.



Surprisingly a cracked phone screen can expose a user to several health risks. Firstly, a cracked phone screen is a fire hazard, but it also has the potential to leak small amounts of radiation.

Devices have increased in value over the years and along with it the cost to repair. If the cost of phone repairs is nearing the price of replacing your device, it may be worth considering a new phone instead. Or you could look to purchase a refurbished device that may be even more cost-effective. 

The length of time it takes to fix a screen depends on how badly the screen is cracked and the make and model. Minor blemishes could be fixed by a repairer in a short amount of time, but the larger cracks can take a couple of hours to properly repair or may require a full-screen replacement. 

With Protect Your Bubble mobile phone insurance, a cracked screen is covered where it affects the functionality of the device. Cosmetic damage such as surface scratches, minor blemishes and dents are not covered.

Replacing a cracked phone screen involves separating the screen from the phone case, disconnecting any connected cables, and attaching the new screen. However, we do not recommend you attempt this yourself.  You can pay a professional phone repair expert or if you already have insurance in place it may be covered under your policy depending on the provider and the policy terms and conditions.

Protect Your Bubble Mobile Phone Insurance covers your device in the event of a cracked phone screen. This excludes cosmetic damage like scratches and dents which doesn't affect the functionality of your device.