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Get cash for your old devices. Visit the Assurant trade-in portal and get a valuation and offer for your phone. As well as mobile phones you can get valuations and trade-ins on tablets.

  • Four simple steps to find out how much cash you can get for your old device
  • You will receive a competitive offer - e.g. up to £120 for an iPhone 12 64GB, depending on condition*
  • 91% receive the initial valuation and offer given online**
  • Reduce waste and stop old device going to landfill
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*Price for July 2024

**from 01/06/23 to 30/11/23


Sell your old mobile phone or tablet for cash!

If you have any old devices lying around at home, why not sell them and cash in?

Using the Assurant self-service portal is quick and easy. Simply answer a few questions about your device online and receive an initial offer instantly. 91% of customers receive the initial offer given online.

Once you accept the offer you will be sent a pre-paid shipping label so you can send the device off free of charge*. The device will be reviewed to check it matches the information given in the online assessment. If it does, the value offered will be honored and will be sent directly to your bank account within 2-5 working days from when the device was received.

If the condition of the device isn't as described in the online assessment an adjusted offer will be sent for you to consider.

*Terms and Conditions apply.

Why trade in my old phone?
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Extra Cash

If you're not using your old phone, why not put it to good use and sell it for a bit of extra cash! The money could help pay your electric bill, be a nice meal out or even go towards insuring your new device!

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Quick Payment

Once your device has been received and it matches your online assessment Assurant will pay the agreed valuation within 2 working days of receiving the device.

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Reduce Waste

Great news for our planet! Not only will you pocket some extra cash but Assurant will recycle your old device which means less waste in landfill. Win-win!

Get a valuation and sell your mobile.

Sell My Mobile